Who We Are

Kashmir Shawls is a family run business in Kashmir for centuries and have been entertaining tourists from around the world with their artisan cultural heritage. It has now been a desire to bring the centuries-old art of shawl & scarf making to the western world. The renown Artwork of Kashmir needs to be showcased around the world to share amongst art and cultural admirers. We bring you shawls that you will adore & cherish for a lifetime. We pride our selves in bringing you the culture and artwork which has been around for centuries. We want our customers to embrace the richness of our shawls and scarves that every one-of-a-kind piece comes with. We’re determined to promote the culture and artwork of Kashmir to women who pride themselves as fashion trendsetters and art lovers.

What We Do

We proudly support businesses and families that represent farmers and individual craftsmanship who have been working on the production of Kashmiri shawls and artwork for decades. Our company continues to reinvest in small business and families who have strived in the tourist Industry for years.

 Shopping at K-SHAWLS is the act of helping us launch a revolution of authentic handcrafted shawls and scarves from the heart of Kashmir Valley.

Social Mission

    We ensure that we bring you the finest shawls from Kashmir. Our shawls are designed by Kashmiri Artisan and manufactured by Kashmir Farmers and communities. All materials used are produced by original Kashmiri wool and threads of Pashmina.

    Our aim is to help improve the living conditions for the traditional artisans and keep alive their unique craftsmanship.